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Placement Rentals

Police Fleet HQ placement rental section has introduced a new line of police decoy vehicles. These vehicles are real, full size, authentic police vehicles that were purchased directly from local law enforcement agencies. From the most requested deterrent decoy, the fully outfitted black and white marked Dodge Charger Police Pursuit vehicle to the slick top Ford Crown Victoria Police P-71 “traffic unit” vehicle to the marked “K-9 unit” and the hard to get “cage car” transport unit vehicle. These vehicles can be fully equipped to include an operational light bar, interior dash lights, sirens, PA, push bar, computer docking station, camera, radar, transport cage and more.

At Police Fleet HQ we offer several different manufactures when it comes to police vehicles, to include:

  • FORD Crown Victoria Police P-71 (marked and un-marked)
  • DODGE Charger Police Pursuit Package (marked and un-marked)
  • DODGE Stratus Detective Unit’s
  • CHEVROLET Impala Police package (marked and un-marked)
  • CHEVROLET Tahoe Police K-9 Units
  • INTERNATIONAL - S.W.A.T. LENCO Armored Vehicles
  • HARLEY DAVIDSON Police Motors
  • BMW Police Motors

Like you, we, the owners of Police Fleet HQ take pride and have a personal / financial investment in our business and home. Now with Police Fleet Rentals, we can provide and deliver an un-manned real life police car to your place of business, construction site, vacant home or your personal residence to deter criminal activity. You are the target, that’s why we customize our service’s to meet the needs of each client. Our vehicles have served several different responsibilities and purposes for people just like you in the past. Below are some examples and benefits by utilizing our services.

Whether you’re a security company in need of an additional vehicle for a contract, we can help. An HOA community association, retail establishment or a commercial business in need of a police vehicle for a criminal deterrent we can help. In need a placement rental vehicle for more than one consecutive day? No, Problem… We have the inventory to alternate a police vehicle placement rental with another make, model or color to avoid detection. This vehicle can be exchanged during normal business hours or discreetly after hours by our team members. We also offer quick, immediate and emergency response for those unknown incidents or occasions.

A movie or marketing company for that special movie, commercial or promotional event, we’ve got you covered. These vehicles are not only utilized for criminal deterrent, they have played a significant role as props in the movie / commercial production industry in addition to making marketing / promotional events successful.

Remember, all vehicles are complete to your specifications and are delivered to your location on time by professional and trained personnel. So what ever your needs are, we can help. Please contact us so we can make an individualized deterrent plan that will meet the needs of you business, property, investment or interest.